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Mai Kitchen’s doors opened on January 15th 2015 with a huge start. Vietnamese New Year came around quickly after we opened, and we have since come a long way despite the short journey thus far. We have since renovated the tranquil garden at the front of the restaurant and created a relaxing area out the back around the bathroom area. We have also seen the release of our Vegan menu as we aim to cater for all dietary requirements.

Mai Kitchen has a strong passion for top notch customer service, where we believe you are guests entering our family home, and treat you exactly the way we would with our closest friends and family whilst still maintaining our professionalism.

When you arrive at our restaurant, the aromas of soup spices surround your senses, and when you are seated, we aim to give you a relaxing and comfortable dining experience. We take pride in the quality and freshness of our food, so we hope you enjoy the experience as much as we enjoy providing the service.

See you around at our place! To make a booking, please phone (08) 72266591.

Mai Kitchen is owned and operated by the loving Giang family. We consist of Vinh De (dad), Mai (mum), and the kids Dan & Tien.

When the opportunity arose to share our passion for food and showcase mum’s home cooking, we immediately jumped on it, as this felt like the given thing to do given our cultural love for food.


Vinh De (dad)

Vinh is from a family of seven brothers and one sister who migrated to Australia in 1980 as refugees fleeing Viet Nam after the war. The Giang family are well known to the local area as the family who own and operated Tan Vinh Phat for over 25 years- a local grocery store located on June Street in Mansfield Park.

Vinh’s hobbies surround doing hands-on work around the restaurant. He has an eye for detail, taking pride in the work he does such as the beautiful gardens, bathrooms, and the renovation of the flooring. These have all been attributed to Vinh’s innovative ideas and enjoyment for home-improvement projects.

If he isn’t fixing something broken, or building something useful for the restaurant, you will find him behind the bar, as he enjoys and is skilful in making smoothies and Vietnamese drinks.


Mai (mum)

Mai is the absolute pillar of the family. She is the toughest woman we know, as she fled to Australia all on her lonesome on a boat full of strangers. We still get shivers when she retells her stories of fleeing Viet Nam and the journey her boat took to get to Australia is just incredible.

Mai leads the kitchen, and is responsible for productions, overseeing preparations, creating home made sauces, cooking and tasting the soup stock regularly throughout the day to ensure it is consistent and full of quality flavours. She is essentially our quality control, and what mum says, goes.

At the end of the night, once things are settled in the kitchen, Mai enjoys coming out to meet and greet guests, as she wants to ensure everyone is well fed and thoroughly enjoyed their meals. She is a typical loving mother who always just wants to feed us more. Growing up in a third world country meant she was regularly hungry, so Mai’s mission at the restaurant is to ensure everybody leaves full and satisfied.


Dan (son)

Dan grew up as the middle child, with sisters on either side, he was always the mischievous one and regularly spoilt. Having been born and brought up in Adelaide, Dan went to the local primary school in Mansfield Park at St Patrick’s Primary, then graduating high school at Adelaide High. He then went into studying accounting and marketing and graduated with an accounting degree.

Dan’s enjoyment of working in a fast pace environment within a family business stems from growing up watching dad work amongst his family, and the quality time they had working together. So when the opportunity arose to open a restaurant, Dan was one of the major influencing factors encouraging the family to open up the restaurant. He is full of innovative ideas, and is waiting for opportunities to implement them as our restaurant grows. You will see some of this ideas in practice throughout the restaurant such as the paintings along the wall on the way to the toilets, showcasing the three regions of Viet Nam.

You will find Dan floating between the bar making drinks, on the tills and also running around assisting in managing the front of house. If you would like to taste any of the wines we have on offer, he’s your man.


Tien (daughter)

Tien is the youngest of three children, but having moved out of home early to Perth to pursue her studies in becoming a Pharmacist, she acts like the oldest child and is indeed the bossiest. (Hence her role in managing the front of house)

Tien has a real passion for quality customer service and thoroughly enjoys seeing her guests having an excellent night out. She is definitely a people pleaser, so if you have any out-of-the-ordinary requests, she will be the one who goes out of her way to ensure you are accommodated for.

Stemming from her background as pharmacist, she has a genuine care for her guests, likes to provide honest advice when it comes to selecting dishes, and has lots of fun in showing you how to properly enjoy Vietnamese food.

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